Residential Based Services

A glimpse into our program and services includes the following: 

  • Safe and clean homes with structured settings that allow youth to personalize their space.
  • 24 hour staff supervision on site with low staff to youth ratios of 3:1 during awake hours
  • Weekly monetary allowance for youth with opportunities for higher earnings
  • Weekly planned activities or events off site and in the community
  • Daily structured academic time and tutoring provided, as needed.
  • Healthy and nutritional meals prepared daily for all youth
  • Well-defined daily routine provides stability and active supports for residents
  • Weekly individual and group psychotherapy
  • Family therapy as needed in preparation for reunification
  • Counseling in Substance abuse, anger management and commercial sexual exploitation of children
  • Treatment facilities dedicated to treatment of substance abuse, psychological dysfunction, sexual abuse and emotional trauma
  • transitional planning and emancipation services for youth
  • Job readiness training and vocational education workshops
  • College/vocational education exploration/ enrollment
  • Apprenticeship program for youth with linkage to community resources
  • Individual Education Plans